On AI and Human Creativity

As an artist and technologist, I find this letter and its reading quite stirring, more than a little conflicting, and not entirely wrong but not entirely right either.

Apple's 15% Deflection Tactic

Apple's App Store Small Business Program announcement is a deflection away from the deeper issues of freedom that plague not just the iOS app store, but app stores in general.

Code as art

A talk I gave on software development as an artform, how code expresses a developer's values through what it makes possible.

The arguments against a Green New Deal are invalid

Why the arguments against a Green New Deal don't add up, and why it makes more sense to act now than to keep putting off the consequences of inaction.

Musings on Labour Day

On the nature of the employer/employee relationship, the role of unions in an automated future, and the social contract.

What it means to develop in the open

Developing in the open means taking the open-source concept of release early, release often and applying it to a commercial product. For us, it meant putting a Flipside Studio update out on average around twice per month since launching.

The XR Generation

What the "XR Generation" is, how they will see the world and experience technology, and what we can take away from that in designing virtual and augmented reality experiences.

How Magic's Secrets Apply to Virtual Narratives

How Teller's secrets that magicians use to manipulate audiences can be applied to build stronger narratives in VR.

Why we're all-in on virtual reality

Virtual reality is a chance to solve problems that technology hasn't been good at in the past, solve more human problems, and increase both our physical interaction with computers as well as connecting people together in more meaningful ways.

The Question Mark

I've always known what I wanted to be when I grew up. Until I didn't.